Anchor Bolt Fixing Chemical Injection Mortar CM350P ICFS 350 ml

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        • Suitable for medium loads in re-baring for non-critical applications 
        • Fast working times for early loading in time-sensitive applications
        • Use in outdoor environments and anchor bolt fixing
        • Extremely versatile in masonry, hollow, aerated concrete
        • Crack and gap-filling repairs in concrete vertical or horizontal

        The CM350P is a high performance rapid curing two-component resin and hardener. Chemical injection anchoring system based on high reactivity unsaturated Polyster resin. The side by side cartridge format comprises of a resin and hardening agent is separated internal compartments that are mixed to the correct triggered using the required manual dispenser.

        Used for achorings in:

        ▪ Concrete 2.500 psi to 8.000 psi, non-cracked

        ▪ Hollow blocks made from lightweight concrete

        ▪ Hollow blocks made from concrete

        ▪ Vertically perforated brick

        ▪ Perforated sand-lime brick

        ▪ Solid sand-lime brick

        ▪ Aerated concrete

        ▪ Solid brick

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