1k Assembly Polyurethane Expansion Crack/Gap Filling PU Foam Spray 750ml (Fire Rated) ICFS

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ICFS Polyurethane PU Foam - 750ml (Fire Rated)
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Polyurethane Fire Rated PU Foam is fire retardant based polyurethane expanding foam, which sets in a solid form by using moisture present in the atmosphere. The product is suitable for sealing gaps around doors and window frames, using secondary fire sealing media around services, such as metallic cable trays and general service penetrations. It is one component, multipurpose, fire rated foam based on moisture curing technology. It is used to seal gaps and crevice with very high expansion yield UP TO 60-65 LITERS. The post expansion is quite low to prevent deformation. The foam that dispenses from aerosol can is moisture cured and draws humidity from the air for cure. PU foam is widely used for filling joints between walls, ceilings, floors and gaps around pipes, windows and doorframes. Foam can be cut once fully cured, lumber, metals, plywood, concrete, masonry and provides excellent bond to other materials. The cured foam is resistant against all weather conditions, aging steam, too hot or too cold, many chemicals, rats and pests. Giving perfect insulation against heat and sound. Adhere to almost all building materials such as concrete, masonry, plaster, timber, cement, marble, stone, hard pvc, metal etc.

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